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Best way to earn money

Best way to earn money online

Hi, in this post I will tell you about best way to earn money online. You can earn money from online shopping, now-a-days there are so many shopping websites available. But due to our busy schedule and busy timings we don’t find time to notice that actually we can earn money from these sites and there can be an actual saving up to 16%. I will guide you on shopping tricks. Below are the tricks about best way to earn money online.

Firstly remember that do not open shopping  website directly because opening it directly won’t provide you money. In order to earn money I am providing links to shopping websites below where I provide the cashback amount also.

All you have to do is to click on the link and it will guide you to the website then you can shop the product you want to purchase. After completing your shopping all you have to do is to fill a google form whose link is provided below.

Click here to fill google form to get cash back


Note – While you open the below link, make sure that you do not have any alternative tabs of the adjacent website through which you are shopping open. If open then close them and also empty out the cart.

If you are a new customer, commission will be more & if existing customer, it will be relatively less.


For more shopping websites Click Here

Here, you have to fill in with all the information about the shopping you did including the product name & product Id, account number etc. And after that you have to submit it.

If you confirm you order i.e. you have to purchase the order and not to cancel it. Within 5 weeks the money will be transferred into your respective account.

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