Litecoin could be good investment in 2018??

Do you think Litecoin could be good investment in 2018??

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin with near zero transaction fees.

Yes you hear right near zero transaction fees means low fees this is the main advantage of litecoin over bitcoin.

Litecoin is also mineable coin like bitcoin.

Charlie lee is the founder of litecoin.

In 2017 we all saw a huge price increase in all digital currency like bitcoin,litecoin,ethereum,ripple

and as for investors 2017 is the good investment year in cryptocurrencies so far.

Bitcoin increase from 1000$ to 18000$ in 2017.

Litecoin increase from 3$ to around 350$ in 2017.thus many more cryptocurrencies increased in 2017.

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Why litecoin can be good investment in 2018.

1.Near about zero transaction fees

If we say bitcoin is gold than we can say that litecoin is silver.

The main reason that litecoin can be good investment that the transaction fees of litecoin is near about zero and bitcoin’s transaction fees is very huge so many merchants,institution are denying to accepting bitcoin .

In December 2017 valve announced that it will no longer be accepting Bitcoin as currency on the Steam store because of high transaction fees of bitcoin.

So near zero transaction fees feature attract more institution to looking in litecoin investment.

So this can be big reason to that litecoin  could be a good investment in 2018.

2. launch of litepay

Launch of litepay could be game changer for litecoin in 2018.

Litepay is a payment processor that convert litecoin in any fiat currency at anywhere in the world .

Litepay can help litecoin to mass adoption.

Main reason that many business,merchants and institute not accepting cryptocurrencies because these digital currencies are high volatile.

Lets understand this with an example you are a seller and you sell something and accept litcoin as a currency and after accepting litecoin if the lite -coin’s price is discreased and you get loss so next time you will not accept litecoin.

According to litepay foundation,litepay is designed to solve this volatality problems because litepay provide a ability to vendors,merchants to instantly accept Litecoin payments, as well as instantly convert Litecoin into fiat currencies, with only a 1% fee attached to each transaction.

According to litepay foundation litepay will release in next few weeks.

3.Hardworking team and new partnership news

The third main reason that litecoin could be good investment in 2018 is great team behind this project.

charlie lee the creator of litecoin and former executive engineer at coin base is working towards full progreess of litecoin project.

According to charlie lee in 2018 litecoin will surpass bitcoin cash in term of market cap.

you can also check charlie lee statement on twitter .

According to author this year will be good for litecoin and it will surpass Bitcoin cash in term of market cap.

So this can be big reason to that litecoin  could be a good investment in 2018.

At the end of 2018 the price of lite could be 2000$.


Please note that all the information author is giving only for information purpose don’t take it as financial advice before doing any investment do your own research.




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