Top 3 coin to invest in 2018

Here author is discussing top 3 coin to invest in 2018.

Today at the time of this article writing whole crypto market is red.

Bitcoin price is 8500$ and expert are saying it can go upto 6000$

This is not a financial advice.

At this time market is at bearish behavior means everyone is in panic mode.

Everybody is thinking that bitcoin bubble will burst??

But this behaviour bitcoin show every year and after the dip always bitcoin goes upward and bitcoin touch its new all time high price.

This new all time high price we will see in near future when bitcoin bull run will start.

All altcoin follows bitcoin.

When bitcoin will grow in bull trend all coins will grow rapidly and they will show their potential.

There are many coin they will out perform bitcoin in next bull run.

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Here are top 3 coin to invest in 2018 in bull run that are top 3 coin to invest in 2018


According to author Litecoin could be good investment in 2018.

Now “Abra” a global crypto trading app added litecoin to its platform that could be good to increase litecoin price in near future after bear market.

Litecoin’s current price is 160$ and litecoin has touched its all time high in December around 400$ and in bitcoin bull trend litecoin will increase exponentially.

At the and of 2018 litecoin price could reach 2000$.

Another factor that is litepay .

Because of lite pay,litecoin could be become mass adaptive coin in 2018.

So litecoin is one of the most profitable coin to invest in 2018.

you can read more about litecoin here is link.

2 Icon

The second coin is icon.  This coin is also in top 3 investment coin. This is a South Korean coin.

With the help of icon coin you can create decentralized app this is the most important feature of this coin.

The icon platform hyper connect the communities like Hospital, school, college technical sector on a single network.

All time high price of icon coin  was $12 in the month of January now its prices is around $4. In 2018 icon coin  price

can go up to 50 US dollar.

you can read more about icon here is link.


The 3rd coin to invest in 2018 is author’s favorite coin and it is electroneum.

The main feature of this coin is that you can easily mine it on your smartphone. you can simply download electroneum app from Google Play Store.

simply mine electroneum coin the important thing is that electroneum mine does not  hurt your smartphone.

The all time high price electroneum was 0.22 US dollar.The current price of electroneum is 0.03$and it is very cheap at this time.

At the end of this year it would definitely touch 1$.

So these three coin litecoin,icon and electroneum are three top coin to invest in 2018 according to author.

you can read more about electroneum here is link.


Please note that all the information author is giving only for information purpose don’t take it as financial advice before doing any investment do your own research.

Thanks for reading.


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